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4 Awesome Game Releases in SA this Week

We take a look at what games are hitting local stores and online retailers this week.

This week sees the launch of smaller games from indie developers, but some that are nonetheless as interesting as their big-budget counterparts. Here’s our picks for the games releasing this week, 5-9 September 2016:

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Release date: Available now (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Wii U)

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn-based RPG with a stunning art-style. The story follows a desert scavenger named Amon, who sets out to discover why his world of Umbra has stopped spinning on its axis. Teaming up with some colourful characters, each party member can utilise two different stances to mix it up in combat, and by improving relationships between characters can result in powerful abilities or unique perks. A cool part of the battle system is kiting, which allows you to tackle as many enemies as you’d like with more experienced gained for fighting more enemies. This looks to be an interesting release that has had some good reception already.

Mother Russia Bleeds

Release date: 5 September 2016 (PC)

For fans of old-school beat-’em-ups like Streets of Rage and Final Fight will have to put Mother Russia Bleeds on their radar this week. This nostalgia-inspired action game is set in, as the name suggests, Russia, and throws you and a buddy into a violent, co-op brawler that sees you take on drug-riddled baddies and high-end criminals. Players will also be able to pick up weapons, use the environment, and throw enemies into deadly traps and objects.

The Tomorrow Children – Founder’s Pack

Release date: 6 September 2016 (PS4)

The Tomorrow Children is a unique combination of action, simulation, strategy, and social gaming that delivers an experience unlike anything else. As “projection clones,” players will be tasked to work together — And unite for the glory for all! — in an alternate future Soviet Union in order to restore civilisation to a world that has been annihilated by a failed science experiment. Gather resources, build and customise your town, build defences, fend off gigantic “Izverg” kaiju monsters, and much more.

Starting on 6 September, The Tomorrow Children’s early access Founders Pack will be offered for a limited time until the official launch of the free-to-play game. The Founders Pack bundles together a great selection of paid DLC items, 1000 Freeman Dollars (in-game currency), and exclusive bonus content, giving players a big running start as they dive into the world of the Void.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

Release date: 8 September 2016 (3DS)

Phoenix Wright returns in an all-new adventure with Apollo Justice and many familiar faces. Spirit of Justice sees the return of many fan-favorites, as well as plenty of new characters like Rayfa, the Royal Priestess of the Kingdom of Khura’in. Phoenix will travel to a mythical courtroom in the Kingdom of Khura’in, where the Kurain Channeling Technique originated. Here Phoenix must battle to bring about a legal revolution.

In more traditional courtroom fare, Apollo must handle the cases for Wright Anything Agency while Phoenix is away. The case he takes on will have massive ramifications.

What game are you most excited for this week? Let us know by tweeting @MenStuffZA and commenting below.

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