FIFA 17: New Attacking Techniques Unveiled in New Trailer

While annual instalments in the FIFA franchise have begun feeling a little too same-y, FIFA 17 promises to really mix things up, with a new game engine, animations, enhanced visuals, and some massive gameplay tweaks.

EA Sports has been showcasing the game’s visuals in some recent trailers, but the latest takes a closer-look at the new shooting options available to players.

They include:

  • Driven Finish – A new shot mechanic lets players keep the ball low in any situation – finesse, volley, or when simply slotting it home.
  • Threaded Through Pass – Curved. Precise. Into space. Create new scoring chances with a perfectly executed threaded through pass.
  • Driven Goal Kicks – Start a quick counter attack by passing it out from goal with power and direction.
  • Downwards Headers – Greater control in direction allows players to head the ball down and into the ground, making keepers work harder.

FIFA 17 launches on 27 September on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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