Far Cry 5 To Feature Dinosaurs?

Could the next instalment in Ubisoft’s FPS franchise get a dose of prehistoric carnage?

Ubisoft is reportedly gauging interest in new Far Cry settings and themes via an online survey.

According to Eurogamer, a questionnaire sent to selected Far Cry 4 players in recent weeks polls series fans on their preferred setting for a future entry in the series.

Available responses include a Jurassic Park-style dinosaur island, a Spaghetti Western-style game set in late 19th Century America, a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world, and a sci-fi title based on another planet.

A game which would see players fight alongside or against vampires, one set during a zombie outbreak, and one based around the Vietnam War in the 1960s are also listed, as are real-world locations such as Peru and Alaska.

Other available responses include Far Cry Blood Dragon 2 and a game based on Far Cry 4‘s Shangri-La.

Ubisoft declined to comment on the survey, but the publisher has a history of conducting similar research for its Assassin’s Creed series.

Picture via IGN

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