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Crashing Virtual Weddings Should Be Your New Favourite Weekend Activity [Video]

The most notorious drunk is recognised at a wedding.

Remember that VR game that allowed you to stroll into random bars and just starting throwing blows left and right until everyone was floored? Well a bar is a fine setting to start some fisticuffs in – but crashing VR weddings might be just as fun.

Thankfully, Drunkn Bar Fight, the VR game currently on Steam, allows you to jump into a new scenario: a fancy, inner-city wedding. where you can throw some haymakers at the groom and toss some of the guests off the balcony.

Now, condoning unacceptable social behaviour is questionable… but if it’s going to happen, it’s best for it to be in a VR setting in the comfort (and safety) of your own home; so we feel OK posting this.

Who knows what’s next? Hopefully Drunk VR Fighting People Who Walk Too Slowly in Malls – we’d totally buy that.

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