Doom Has Launched, But What Are the Critics Saying?

What’s the general consensus on the much-anticipated revival of Doom?

It’s been a long time coming. Surviving multiple iterations, concept changes, and delays, the long-awaited Doom reboot has finally hit store shelves. International publications have got their hands on the game (we’ll hopefully be publishing our own review soon), and if you want to see what the critics are saying, read on:

IGN – 7.1/10

Doom is a tale of two very different shooters (and one quirky creation tool). The single-player campaign’s reverent worship of the series’ roots results in an old-school run-and-gun shooter which feels like imitation Doom, a cover of an old hit which nails all the right power chords but isn’t exactly transformative. The multiplayer’s attempts to borrow from the new to reinvigorate the old results in an experience which won’t satisfy either school of thought. SnapMap, meanwhile, is a blend of weird and simple and endearing.”

Videogamer UK – 8/10

Doom is an excellent and exceptionally fun first first-person shooter. That’s all you need to know.”

TheSixthAxis – 9/10

Doom is a truly spectacular bit of ultraviolence, but it’s deceptively smart in how it goes about it. It knows that all you want to do is blow stuff up in increasingly more brutal ways, leading to a single player that is probably the best FPS campaign since Wolfenstein: The New Order. While multiplayer is almost a damp squib, Snapmap allows for those with creative minds to unleash their creativity with an easy-to-learn map editor. To describe Doom in two words: Bloody brilliant!”

Doom screenshot

XGN – 4/5

Doom is back with fast action, huge guns and a ton of demons to defeat. Id Software delivers great graphics and gameplay, with a multiplayer and Snapmap mode to keep you busy for a long time to come.”

Examiner – 8/10

Doom is superbly fun. While there are nods to the previous games in the series, there are times where it does not ‘feel’ like a Doom game. That does not deter from the overall experience. The game is gorgeous, sounds great, and offers reasons to come back and play. The SnapMap mode is an excellent touch, however the multiplayer feels added for the sake of having multiplayer. Doom is known for its single player experience, and that is where it excels the most.”

Digital Spy – 8/10

“Relax – this is very nearly the Doom you’ve always wanted but never really thought you’d get. By focusing on Doom‘s brutal, ultraviolent heart iD has created an all-action FPS in the old-school style, but with next-gen looks and a handful of mod-cons. It’s not going to reinvent the genre, but it might help you rediscover all the good stuff that used to make it tick.”


Attack of the Fanboy – 8/10

Doom is 2/3 really good and 1/3 really mediocre. The single player campaign is an absolute blast and if you like the shooting action from that you can get all you can eat via Snap Map. Doom competitive multiplayer is really unfortunate, however.”

Playstation Lifestyle – 8/10

“Defying the odds, id Software has made Doom not only a relevant series in 2016, but a great one. They’ve also managed to create three distinct modes that all have their own appeal and feel to them. It’s an amazing package, and one that I’ll continue to come back to.”

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