Doom Gameplay Released, Packed Full Of Big Guns, Executions And Angry Demons

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Check out the first gameplay videos of the highly-anticipated Doom reboot.

This week, the biggest gaming expo in the world is taking place, as E3 provides the platform for developers and publishers to showcase what gamers are in store for in the next year or so.

Bethesda got things off with a bang today, giving us a look at id Software’s Doom reboot, which is gory, loud, brutal and gorgeous – exactly what we’ve been hoping for.

Doom maintains so much of what we know and love about the franchise: grimy metal corridors, all manner of hellish demons eager to hasten your demise, and an arsenal of firearms and other fun weapons to let you make quick work of them.

As you’ll see in the trailer below, Doom revels in its intense violence, and Bethesda showed off several amusingly disturbing chainsaw takedowns, painful finishers and some immense firepower. It’s gross. But it’s undeniably Doom, and the new id Tech 6 engine is clearly in fine form here.

Unfortunately, Doom isn’t quite ready for its big debut – it’s currently scheduled to release in 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer and the gameplay demo below:

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