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Battlefield 5 Revealed – Watch the First Gameplay Trailer Here

We know it’s becoming for quite some time, but the moment has arrived: Electronic Arts and DICE have lifted the hood on Battlefield V, revealing that the franchise will be returning to it’s World War II origins, but bringing with it a host of new changes.

While Battlefield V will retread WWII, the game will focus on “smaller” skirmishes from the war, taking part in the battles “that were pivotal, though sometimes forgotten”.

As for some gameplay changes, EA claims that players will be able to lead their squad to victory with “new ways to turn the battlefield to your advantage”. Players will be able to build fortifications, repair war-torn structures, or tow stationary weapons to maximise their devastating firepower.

The reveal trailer itself did give a glimpse at some of the new characters that will feature in the game, with a female soldier donning a prosthetic arm as one of the clear heroines of the game, along with moments where the player dragged a downed ally to safety and shot an incoming grenade out of the sky – both of which are new highlighted features.

Battlefield V will arrive on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on 19 October 2018.

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