Battlefield 5 is in Development

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is currently in development, says DICE rep

In may come as unsurprising news to some, but DICE is now pushing ahead with development on Battlefield 5.

According to a Tweet by DICE development director Dan Vaderlind, now that Star Wars: Battlefront has hit the shelves, the team is shifting its attention over to “the next Battlefield”. 

Unlike Activision’s annual Call of Duty counterpart, EA has had a tendency to release Battlefield games every two years: Battlefield 3 came in 2011, Battlefield 4 in 2013, and Battlefield: Hardline earlier this year. While Hardline was considered more of a spin-off, the next primary instalment, Battlefield 5, is set for release in 2016.

And if you were wondering if Battlefield 5 may take another themed-slant like Hardline’s cops and robbers setting, an interview late last year said that it “will be a return to a Battlefield military-style game” with “more features, more extras, and more destruction.”

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