Absolutely Epic Gaming Lounge Launches in SA!

ATK Arena is a must-visit spot for local gamers!

When it comes to gaming, particularly PC gaming, your equipment can often limit the kind of experience you can have. Hardcore gamers looking to enjoy their favourite games on insanely spec’d PCs now have a new haven to frequent: the ATK Arena.

It’s a unique gaming hub based in Cape Town that has an eye-watering amount of gear for gamers to enjoy. Whether it’s R60,000 gaming rigs, kitted-out racing setups, or green-screen streaming rooms, this place has everything a gaming nerd could need.

The venture is a passion project of Warren Barkhuizen, who was a former investor that identified e-sports and gaming as potentially profitable investment opportunities. Although he initially struggled to gain support for his idea, a smaller proof of concept (cleverly dubbed the ‘ATK Shack’) was successful and proved his hunch correct.

Barkhuizen says he wants SA esports to become more competitive – and one of the ways to achieve that is to have a competitively equipped venue like the Arena that would be on par with international venues. Issues with lag, slow connections, and, most importantly, a lack of cutting edge equipment are all factors that make it tricky for teams to compete against the best of the best.

Among the facilities, there is also a gym and coffee bar to give gamers the break they need during long sessions behind the keyboard.

His aim is for the Arena to become the de facto hub for South African e-sports teams, not only because lugging around your own rigs is inconvenient, but because it’ll offer a superior standard of equipment and atmosphere to practice in.

LAN parties for all the biggest games like Fortnite are popular and will set you back around R1,500 – but take a look at their website to get a feel for everything they offer.

If you’re a gamer that takes it seriously, you have to make a pilgrimage to the Arena at some stage!

ATK Arena is located on 91 Main Road, Stadium on Main Parkade, Claremont, Cape Town.

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