6 Big Games Releasing In SA This Week

Game releases this weel

Colour, catastrophes and magical chaos await us with this week’s big game releases. Check out what’s heading our way…

May just continues to deliver on the gaming front, with the PCs and consoles (and even the Wii U) getting some releases this week.


29 May (Wii U)

Nintendo’s take on the multiplayer shooter sees players fight for control of maps by spraying ink and blotting out opponents. Each character can also turn into a squid and swim though ink to navigate hard-to-reach platforms.

The colourful paint-based shooter also features a single-player campaign that allows players to use the game’s mechanics to explore the underground base of the game’s army of octopi antagonists in stages that test their ability to shoot, jump and splatter ink.


Badlands: Game of the Year

26 May (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PC, Xbox One)

Badlands is finally making its way to consoles after winning multiple awards on mobile devices. The game is a physics-based, side-scrolling action adventure game where players take the role of a flying creature named Clony. Clony explores a forest filled with traps, puzzles, and obstacles, which he must overcome.

The Game of the Year version of Badlands has gameplay redesigned for a console experience with levels being rebuilt for the newer versions of the game, as well as being visually upgraded. This edition features over 15 hours and 100 levels of singe-player content. The newest edition to the Game of the Year edition is local multiplayer, which gives you the chance to experience the story mode in co-op, or play 27 multiplayer deathmatch stages with up to four buds locally.



26 May (PS4, PC)

Paradox Interactive’s new spell casting 4-player co-op adventure releases this week, and the anticipated sequel allows players to mix eight elemental magic types to create hundreds of different spells.

Not only that, but every combination can be cast in a direction, or as an area-of-effect, or into your melee weapon, or even upon yourself. Not only that, but certain elements combine to create unique effects; for example, you can combine water and fire to make scalding steam, or water and cold to generate shards of ice, or even life and shield to make landmines that heal people! There are thousands of possibilities, and at least most of them are good ideas.


Game of Thrones – Episode 4

26 May (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, iOS)

The fourth episode of the six episode series launches on this week for PC, Mac, PS4, and PS3.

“Sons of Winter” sees the disparate and desperate Forresters in a precarious position. Their fate is jeopardy and anyone allied with the family is in danger. Rodrik has an opportunity to free Ironrath from Whitehill, but must be careful how he treads because his brother, Ryon is still a hostage at Whitehill. Gared Tuttle must venture beyond the Way to find the North Grove with perilous danger all around him, it won’t be an easy task.

Mira is embroiled in a complex political game in King’s Landing as the city still mourns the recent royal death. Asher’s journey takes him into Meereen at the request of Daenerys Targaryen, what she tasks him with may prove too costly personally.


Catlateral Damage

27 May (PC, Mac, Linux)

The ultimate cat simulator comes to PC, Mac and Linux this week, and the beloved and quirky game has undergone many revisions and changes since its original demo and Kickstarter. Now the game features procedurally generated levels, new content, different playable cats, cat toys, power ups and much more.


Ultra Street Fighter IV

26 May (PS4)

While Capcom has sold and re-sold Street Fighter many times to us over the years, the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV is not a terrible re-hash… apparently. USF4 on PS4 includes the Lab Zero drivers, giving it PS3 fight stick support, in addition to its native PS4 fight stick support. The game’ll run at 1080p at 60fps and include less input lag and all current DLC at time of release.


What game are you most looking forward to playing this week? Let us know in the comments section below:

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1 Comment

  1. james

    May 25, 2015 at 17:49

    How is the cat game on this list?

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