5 Hottest Games of March 2020

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Check out the big game releases that you should have on your radar in March!

March is heating up with some massive game releases arriving throughout the month. From hellish sequels to anthropomorphic adventures, here are the games to look out for this March:

Doom Eternal

Release date: 20 March 2020 (Xbox One | PS4 | PC | Switch)
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2016’s Doom reboot is easily one of the best first-person shooters of the generation, so anyone who loves some fast-paced demon-hunting should have the sequel on their radar this month. Doom Eternal ups the ante of the already-crazy pace of the gameplay, introducing a grappling-hook shotgun, flame belch attack, and a host of other weapons and tweaks to keep you killing faster and more frantically. There’ll also be a full multiplayer component that allows players to control demons, each with unique powers and abilities, versus a slayer who is ‘fully loaded’ with all the skills from the single-player campaign.

Half Life: Alyx

Release date: 23 March 2020 (PC)

Yeah, it’s not exactly the Half-Life game we really wanted, but Half-Life: Alyx looks to be an interesting spin in the Half-Life world using virtual reality. Valve promises that the game will feature all the hallmarks of classic Half-Life including world exploration, puzzle solving, visceral combat, and an intricately woven story that connects it all with the characters iconic to the Half-Life universe.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Release date: 20 March 2020 (Switch)
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Don’t be fooled by the cute, cuddly nature of Animal Crossing – this franchise has a hardcore fanbase. The game brings back all the fan-favourite characters and tasks you with helping and developing the animal community and surrounding town. Players will be able to invite animals to live on their island, and will have the option to choose or influence where the animal constructs their home. The game’s weather will also adjust to the seasons of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, depending on the player’s real-world location, a first for the Animal Crossing series.

Bleeding Edge

Release date: 24 March 2020 (Xbox One | PC)

Ninja Theory, the development team behind the likes of DMC: Devil May Cry and Hellblade, have opted for a relatively fresh idea with their new project, Bleeding Edge. The game is a melee arena combat game, which features 12 different characters, all with their own brutal weapons and special attacks. The environments also play a huge role, as combatants can capitalise on deadly arena hazards, such as the opportunity to yank opponents into a high voltage electric fence or trick enemies into an oncoming train.

Nioh 2

Release date: 13 March 2020 (PS4)
Price: Find the best price here.

If you like ripping apart demons with katanas, we have some good news: Nioh 2 releases this March. Similar to its highly-praised predecessor, Nioh 2, acting as a prequel, expands the action role-playing experience by allowing players to create their own character. In the sequel, you’re able to transform into your yoki (animal) form and use special skills not available in your human form. Multiplayer elements are available too, allowing two friends to join you in an area to help out with those pesky demons.

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