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4 Great Games Releasing in SA this Week

We take a look at what games are hitting local stores and online retailers this week.

This week is permanently circled for most football fans, as it has become customary for EA Sport’s colossal footie franchise to get a new entry. Additionally, one of gaming’s biggest and best racing franchises also gets a new isntalment this week. So hold onto your hats, gamers – here’s our picks for the games releasing this week, 26-30 September 2016:


Release date: 29 September 2016 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3)

EA Sports is bringing some of the biggest changes to the FIFA series when it launches this week, including a new engine (EA’s Frostbite engine which powers the Battlefield series) and a brand new story mode which will see gamers take control of a 17-year-old player called Alex Hunter and guide him through his rise to football stardom. There will also be the ability to play as some of the game’s greatest legends, and squad building challenges, such as forming a starting XI with just two different nationalities and a chemistry rating of over 60, as well as an FUT “Champions League” of sorts, in which gamers can compete for in-game rewards via a global leaderboard.

Forza Horizon 3

Release date: 27 September 2016 (PC, Xbox One)

Microsoft’s open-world racing spin-off Forza Horizon gets a new sequel this week. This time, the game is set in the lush areas of Australia, offering gamers wide open-roads to put the largest Forza Horizon car roster to the test. The campaign also features 4-player co-op, which is quite interesting for a racing game. We’re excited to see how it all works when Forza Horizon 3 is unleashed this week!


Release date: 30 September 2016 (PS4, Xbox One)

In this strategy sequel to the tactical squad shooter XCOM: Enemy Unknown, an unpleasant group of aliens has invaded Earth and set up a tyrannical government meant to keep us lowly humans in our place. That’s not how you roll, so it’s time to fight back by guiding a group of rebels as they fight to take the planet back, one turn at a time. The game released on PC  to some great reviews back in February, and PS4 and Xbox One players now get their chance to fend off the alien scourge.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Release date: 30 September 2016 (3DS)

3DS gamers get some new Sonic the Hedgehog action this week with Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. Dr. Eggman is up to some shady stuff again. This time it involves the newly discovered supercharged element ragnium. In typical evil fashion, he mines the ragnium and pipes off the harmful by-products onto adjacent island. Using the ragnium to power his new bot racers, he has a new plan to destroy Sonic. If Sonic and his friends can reclaim the islands then Eggman may just succeed.

Like previous Sonic Boom games, players can utilise the unique abilities of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Sticks, and Amy to explore the island chain. Sonic and friends will have to use the power of fire and ice to get through obstacles, solve puzzles, and destroy enemies. The boss battles are huge this time around taking up both screens.


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