Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro v Apple MacBook Pro — Which is Better?

Can Xiaomi’s slick new laptop take on the Macbook Pro? Let’s find out…

Xiaomi is a another burgeoning player in the consumer tech market that has started providing South Africans with more affordable smartphones, and it looks as though they’re ready to do the same for laptops. They’ve announced a plan to release a 15.6 inch Mi Notebook Pro that has specs seemingly aimed at going toe-to-toe with Apple’s flagship laptop, the MacBook Pro. That’s a difficult task though, and those who are already in the Apple ecosystem are often quite attached, not only to the hardware, but the OS as well, so converting customers could be a tough ask. For those looking to invest in a serious piece of machinery and want to see what’s out there, though, this comparison may be of use.

For the purposes of this spec comparison, we’re going to take the announced details of Xiaomi’s top of the line configuration for the Mi Notebook Pro and look at how it stacks up against the flagship MacBook Pro of the closest comparable screen dimensions – the 15-inch.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

15.6-inch Full HD Screen (1920 x 1080)
Intel Core i7 Processor
Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB
SSD Storage (256GB, 1TB Maximum)
4 USB Ports (Two USB-C, Two standard)
Price: $980 (around R13,000) – local pricing yet to be confirmed.

Apple MacBook Pro

15.4-inch Retina Display (2880 x 1800)
Intel i7 Processor
Radeon Pro 560 4GB
SSD Storage (512GB – 1TB Available for +$400 )
4 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Ports
Price: $2,400 (around R30,000)

With the biggest stats compared, the Xiaomi does an admirable job of keeping up with the MacBook Pro, but it falls a little short in terms of resolution specs as well as the graphics processor. There’s a minor difference in weight, but both clock in at under 2kg, so the discrepancy on that score is likely negligible. The biggest difference between the two is the price, with Apple famed for its audaciously-priced options.

With a similarly sleek design, a few novel features like a fingerprint reader, Gorilla Glass screen, and a Quickcharge functionality that claims 50% charge in 35 minutes, it’s clear that Xiaomi have loaded the Mi Notebook Pro with competitive specs. The clincher though, is the price – coming in at $980 (around R13,000) for the base model (converted from local price in Chinese Yuan) it’s a bargain compared to the MacBook’s base model at $1,999. Although the MacBook does offer some more power in certain regards, the Mi Notebook Pro is extremely well-equipped, and its lower-specs are really only likely to become noticeable when it’s dealing with the most demanding of tasks.

Xiaomi’s plans seem ambitious, but unfortunately local pricing or availability haven’t been released yet, with its availability only set for China at present. Considering the buzz about this model it’s unlikely to stay out of other markets for very long – and we’re going to be keeping tabs on its projected availability announcements. Stay tuned for an update as soon as Xiaomi gives a little more indication about their plan to roll out the Mi Notebook Pro!

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