Xbox One And Evolve Special Revealed By BT Games

Evolve Xbox One bundle

For those looking to pick up an Xbox One and a new multiplayer shooter, BT Games has something on offer this week.

Everyone and their dog now wants a spiffy new gaming console to get involved in the awesome lineup of games that are hitting Microsoft and Sony’s new machines, and local South African retailers are making it very affordable to do so.

BT Games has an Xbox One bundle on offer for R6,299 – the bundle includes a 500GB console, one controller and Evolve.

The promotion is for in-store purchases only.

Turtle Rock Studios’ new shooter, Evolve, has received mixed to positive reviews, with many praising its unique concept, intense, thrilling and tactical gameplay, memorable classes, well written dialogues and smart AI.

Xbox One Evolve bundle from BT Games

Xbox One Evolve bundle from BT Games

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