World’s First Solar-Powered Smartwatch Introduced By Névo

Company delivers high-end tech with minimalist style for a time-telling revolution.

Smartwatch manufacturer névo has announced the névo solar, the world’s first solar powered analog smartwatch for the consumer market. Even with frequent use, nevo partnered with Sunpartner Technologies, utilizing the Wysips solution to help generate electricity through exposure to light.

“When we developed névo we made battery life a top priority,” said Sebastien Druven, co-founder and CEO of névo, on the product’s website. “Our standard dual battery system and low-consumption technology freed users from the inconvenience of nightly charging and now we’re taking that concept to its ultimate conclusion – solar power. With névo solar we capture the unlimited power of light. Our users will never have to worry about charging.”

There are a number of different solar powered regular watches available on the consumer market, but with nevo incorporating the tech into a smartwatch, it could spark a new trend in the industry.

The névo solar will be released in August 2015, but no pricing details were made available.

Solar Nevo

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