Why Custom Software Will Future-Proof Your Organisation

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Here’s why you need to make the right software decision from the outset.

Getting yourself custom software to help level up your company is a good idea, and most company-owners are aware of that fact. But, with a vast amount of options, it’s difficult to know whether off the shelf or specifically-built is a better fit for your business. Well, here are a few benefits to custom software that’ll help keep your business growing well into the future!

Custom Software means you pay only for what you need

When you’re involved in the development of software specifically designed for your business, you can choose the functions and level of sophistication. The benefit of this approach is that the price will correspond to what your requirements are, rather than a uniform price for an off-the-shelf solution that may have excess functions you don’t need. By the same token, off-the-shelf options may also lack specific elements key to software that assists your specific business – so going the custom route means you’ve got far more control over how much you’re paying.

Tailored solutions can cater to your product or service

Depending on what kind of business you run, a customised website or software can be configured to suit precisely what you do. This means you don’t have to have superfluous functions that may come with a ready-made piece of software that might end up making your customers have a clunky experience. The better you know your own product and how customers want to engage with your company, the more you can influence the design of your software to do that, and only that. Sometimes, less is more, and when it comes to a smooth customer experience with your software less distraction and a more streamlined user experience are definitely crucial.

Custom software will be easier to upgrade

If you as a business-owner have a hand in the development process of your software you’ll be able to inform the developer of how much you think the software will need to be updated in future. If your business is likely to grow in terms of traffic, diversifying into other products or services, etc, you can have the developer develop software that will take those possibilities into account from the outset. Cookie-cutter solutions might have a very low ceiling as far as upgrades go, and you don’t want the growth of your business to be stunted by software that may have been reasonable initially but that your company quickly outgrows.

Uniqueness Retains Customers

Most importantly, generating an authentic and unique experience for customers on your software will set you apart from competitors. Having a unique value proposition is worth its weight in gold as far as customer retention goes, and your software or website should communicate that and contribute to that value. If you’re using what everyone else is, it’s that much more difficult to create differentiating factors.

If you’re interested in stepping your business’s software game up, My Online Presence should be one of your first destinations to help you design a custom solution. Their team is knowledgeable and experienced at turning concepts into realities, so don’t let the prospect of a challenging process keep you from future-proofing your software when they can take the hassle out of it for you!

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