What Can a CRM Platform Do For Your Business?

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Here’s why having a stable CRM can make a massive difference in your business.

In essence, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) boils down to all the actions, technologies, and strategies a company implements that will manage their interactions with future and current clients. When done well, it will bolster and grow a company’s revenue because customers stay longer, are more informed of your services, and you – as the business owner or service provider – are in control of the whole process.

A CRM system should at the very least keep track of customer contact info, which will help marketing and sales teams coordinate their own activities; but additionally, it might also involve keeping track of how many times clients have been contacted, deal stages, or reasons for won/lost sales or deals.

It sounds relatively simple in theory – since all businesses interact with their customers all the time, but considering the variety of methods one can use to keep track of that information it can get complicated quite quickly. Some strategists even suggest investing in a CRM platform or technology before it becomes necessary, so that when your client base does grow, you’ve got an existing system in place.

A CRM system will offer anyone from a large company to a freelancer the following benefits:

  • Learning more about your customers: You can learn more about the kinds of purchases your customers make, and why they make them. This information will also reveal purchasing trends from certain customers, making it easier to predict how much stock/content is necessary for a specific client. Knowing what kinds of products a specific client buys also makes it easier to market the correct products to them in future.
  • Organise your information: Keeping track of all of a client’s information is important, but can also be tedious if done in a sporadic manner. CRM helps create a consistent system to keep client information in an accessible place, and also to make sure the information doesn’t decay.
  • Optimisating customer interactions: CRM systems make it possible to streamline your customer engagements so that valuable time isn’t wasted on unnecessary touches with clients that can slow down a sales process. Customers will enjoy interacting with a business that can be concise and decisive instead of laboured and delayed.

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