What are the Top Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends?

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Which features are marketing their mark in 2019?

Mobile apps are becoming the most integral aspect of any business’ digital presence, largely due to the speed of its progress and innovation. There are a few technologies that are going to be key throughout this current business cycle when it comes to mobile app development.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

We broke down the differences between VR and AR a little while ago, and it looks like both are set to be an even more prominent this year. Both AR and VR have made a mark in the gaming arena, but their applications are moving beyond video games. The best example would be the AR Lens apps that use your phone’s camera to add or enhance information you see on your screen through the camera. Companies are likely going to start looking at how they can incorporate similar functionalities in their own apps to add user experience value.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT concept is a relatively simple one: all our digital devices – from our smartphones to our thermostats – will be connected some day. The possibilities, though, are quite wide-spread. The capacity for different devices to gather and analyse that data can lead to very interesting findings and correlations, and in both the consumer and corporate world, inter-connected devices will become a norm sooner than we think.


Wearables have become extremely popular among the average techie, particularly fitness armbands and watches that provide readouts of one’s physical information with a glance at the wrist. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, and wearables could become a cornerstone of any company’s digital footprint very soon. There’s a lot of room for innovation concerning the function and purpose that wearables can have, and from the developer perspective, knowing how wearables can interface with leading software platforms could be a key skill in 2019 and onwards.

User Experience Innovation

This could possibly be the most important aspect to consider when it comes to any app – both personal and professional in nature. All signs indicate that the smoother and more enjoyable the user experience is on an app the more likely people are to spend more time on it and the more likely they’ll keep using it. Companies designing apps for their own employees to use will need to ensure that their apps encourage stickiness (continued use) as well as an ease of operation. Without those two things, an app won’t get the kind of desired traction and its amount of users will suffer as a result.


We’ve also covered the concept and nitty-gritty details of Blockchain in a summary article here, but the concept of Blockchain technology is relatively simple and goes far beyond cryptocurrencies. The primary benefits of Blockchain is that any transaction or exchange of information can be done extremely quickly, and details about the transaction can be stored in such a way that they’re transparent and easy to track. So, for any process where transparency and accuracy of information in a long chain of exchanges is important, Blockchain becomes an integral tool. Of all the items on this list, Blockchain is perhaps the one with the highest ceiling in terms of potential functions.

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