What Apple’s New Stance on Third-Party Repairs Really Means

Here’s what iDevice owners can expect from Apple’s change of heart.

Apple is said to be changing its policy regarding third-party repairs on Apple’s devices, which is a monumental move from the company against its long-standing position on third-party repairs.

What it means is that repairs done by other technicians, such as that of weFix’s, will no longer void your Apple manufacturer warranty. Originally, after-market repairs from external repairers would nullify the warranty on your device, and Apple would want nothing to do with it.

The news comes via a memo which was reportedly shared amongst Apple employees. It states that Apple’s Authorized Service Providers should inspect the device for things like fraud and tampering, but then proceed as normal with a standard Genius Bar screen repair. This assumes that what needs to be repaired doesn’t relate to the display replacement, of course.

However, like any company policy these days, we know there are caveats to these things. The memo also states that If the third-party display causes the repair to fail or otherwise causes damage to the iPhone during the repair process, the customer will be required to pay the out-of-warranty cost to resolve the issue.

As for what weFix thinks? Well, we embrace Apple’s new policy. It’s a welcomed (yet somewhat belated) acknowledgement that third-party repairs are in fact often faster, more cost efficient, and convenient for the consumer. weFix has always prided itself on providing the best consumer experience for users and a reputable repair specialist.

So, it’s basically a win for all parties, and you as the consumer are the biggest winner of all. You can still enjoy the fast, affordable and high-quality service you’ve come to expect from weFix, without the concern of losing your warranty.

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