Wake Up To The Smell And Sound Of Bacon Frying With This App

Quite possibly the greatest marvel of the 21st century…

Forget electricity, forget the wheel – humanity’s greatest invention is here, and it’s a bacon-aroma-emitting smartphone accessory. 

Oscar Mayer’s creation, the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app and iPhone plug-in device, will deliver the smell of bacon to you – anytime, anywhere. 

The idea, as you could guess by the name, is to use your phone to emit the sound of sizzling bacon and the smell of the delicious meat in the mornings as an alarm to help you wake up. Genius.

Now we just need an app that can dispense bacon, and then the human race can take a break from the whole inventing-thing for a while.

Wake up and smell the bacon app Wake up and smell the bacon accessory

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