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Top 6 Gadgets We Want for Christmas

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We make our recommendations for the best gadget products every gentleman needs this season.

The season of giving is upon us, and with the gadget and tech world delivering some awesome new items this year, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest and most innovative gizmos that you should consider for your Christmas list.

AMP Wedge

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, but finding the right one for your device, that delivers great audio quality and has the features to back it up, is difficult. AMP’s new Wedge is a triangular little Bluetooth speaker that boasts three nifty functions: built- in suction cups to grip onto smartphones and tablets (allowing you to angle your device comfortably for typing, browsing, watching movies, or reading); 40 mm drivers to deliver clear and fulls, and a speakerphone, so you can seamlessly handle phone calls in between songs on your playlist.

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Wedge speaker


AMP Spot Shower Bluetooth Speaker

Made for the shower, but fun enough to take anywhere, the Spot Shower Bluetooth Speaker is splash-resistant and boasts a 10 metre range, so you can have your music playing while your device stays safely away from water. The detachable suction cup is strong enough to stay put on your bathroom tiles or any smooth, flat surface. The built-in controls and microphone ensure you can pick up calls, adjust volume, and move through your playlist. And with a rechargeable battery for hours of continuous music playback, you’ll have plenty of shower jam sessions while going about your daily routine.

Buy the AMP Spot Shower Bluetooth Speaker on Bay One.

AMP Shower speaker

Le Cord charging cables

Charging cables are dime-a-dozen, but good quality ones are hard to come by. Swedish cable specialists, Le Cord, have a wide variety of device charging-cables that not only provide safe, authorised, and efficient charging to your device, but also come in robust and stylish designs.

Buy Le Cord charging cables on Bay One.

Le Cord charging cables

Hawker Harrier II watch

Inspired by military aviation, the Hawker Harrier II watch is part of the AVI-8 range and a great gift for a lover of sharp timepieces this season. Built for ultimate no-nonsense functionality, the Hawker Harrier II features pronounced legibility, readouts, perfect calibrations and precise split time tracking for an absolutely essential piece of equipment for the aviation professional and enthusiast alike.

Buy the Hawker Harrier II watch on Bay One.

Hawker Harrier II watch

Lifebar 10 Portable Battery Charger

Connect to this rapid-charging, high capacity portable battery charger, and give your devices the power they need. LifeBar 10 is a portable powerhouse designed for the mobile power user. Dual 1A and 2A USB ports charge two devices simultaneously, providing smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, cameras, or other USB gadgets with enough power to keep going throughout your busy day. LifeBar 10 holds 10,000 mAh of battery, so your mobile devices can stay fully charged in any scenario. With its onboard LED power indicator and brushed aluminum casing, LifeBar 10 is made to complement your mobile lifestyle.

Buy the Lifebar 10 portable charger on Bay One.

Lifebar 10 Portable Battery Charger

ISO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

For those die-hard audiophiles who can’t stand to be distracted while listening to their favourite music, the ISO wireless high-definition Bluetooth headphones are the answer. Available in white or black, the in-ear headphones designed to provide you with exceptional sound quality while freeing you from the traditional burden of tangled cables. The noise cancelling features give users the full-range audio performance that eliminates the distractions of ambient noise and immerses you deep into your music, movies, or games all while remaining full-featured audio headphones. Built-in controls and microphone also let you place and pick up calls on a compatible Bluetooth phone without ever having to touch your mobile device.

Buy the ISO wireless high-definition Bluetooth headphones on Bay One.

ISO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


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