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Top 5 Drone Videos You Need to Watch

We check out some of the best drone videos worthy of your attention.

Drones are great for things like scaring your neighbours, making conspiracy theorists reach for their tin-foil hats, and pretending you’re a super-spy. But most importantly, they’ve revolutionised the film and video industry, allowing us to capture some of the most breathtaking sites we otherwise would have never had the opportunity to.

So, to celebrate the best out there, here’s the top 5 drone videos you  need to see:

Volcano journey

The sad reality is, not many will actually ever get close to a volcano, because, you know, they’re hot and stuff. But one brave lad took his drone right up to a bubbling volcano to give us an HD glimpse of what mother nature’s fiery fury actually looks like.

Whale, whale, whale…

Whales are incredibly majestic and graceful, but quite difficult to get a good look at. So it was a no-brainer when Eric Sterman took his drone to capture some unbelievable footage of the ocean’s gentle giants. The footage was filmed off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Beer delivery

Not only does this look cool, but it’s also practical. US brewer Lakemaid showed off their new frosty lager via a drone delivery video, which is pure genius, getting a 12-pack of their prized brew to some thirsty fisherman.

Angry ram

Of course, when you put your drone around nature you face the risk of having your drone destroyed, which one man found out after following a ram in the wild. The ram was displeased, to say the least, and first took it out on the drone, then the man flying it.


Fireworks look epic from the ground, but what exactly do they look like up close? One dude had the idea to figure that out, sending his DJI Phantom 2 into the air to capture fireworks at night. The result? A beautiful, colourful display of gunpowder and lights..

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