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This Smart Kettlebell Can Change Its Weight with the Press of a Button

JaxJox kettlebell

JaxJox Kettlebell changes the game for weight-lovers.

‘Smart weights’ look set to be a growing trend in the fitness industry if the JaxJox Kettlebell is anything to go by. Smart dumbbells have been around for a little while, but the JaxJox is the first kettlebell to offer on-the-fly adjustability.

So – how does it work? A supernatural ball of energy trapped inside changes molecular density at the push of a button? Maybe a few decades from now. But, in this case, the JaxJox Kettlebell uses a lock-and-release system in conjunction with six weights to allow users to change from 5-20kgs without missing a beat.

A core weight serves as the ‘anchor’, and then stacked plates of weight can be adjusted to configure the kettlebell at the desired weight.

It isn’t just a random hunk of metal, though, its smart functionality doesn’t stop at the innovative weight adjustment system. You can use the kettlebell along with the accompanying workout app to keep track of the weight used during a workout, sets, reps, and rest time among other stats.

There’s a charging station at the base, and a single charge will last about two weeks. For fitness enthusiasts that are low on space and can’t really stand to have several kettlebells rolling around their apartments or flats, the JaxJox Kettlebell is quite an intriguing option – although at around $349 (R5,500), it’s certainly a rather costly option.

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