This is What Happened When We Tried to Repair an iPhone

The real costs are hidden.

We’ve all been there – your smartphone is pulled from your pocket or collected from the ground following a dramatic fall, and you slowly turn the phone around to view the probably-smashed-to-pieces-screen. There’s that moment where you try laugh it off, but the reality of the situation sinks in and you’ve already started thinking about the cost to fix it. Buzzkill.

This is where most customers are faced with two options: go straight to weFix and get a professional repair done on your precious device, or go to that back-alley guy your friend told you “who fixes stuff for super cheap”. Well, the logical answer is weFix, however, we know that some tend to take the other, less-reputable option. So, in the spirit of thoroughness, we went undercover to find out how the repair process is from an unauthorised repair shop.

We won’t mention any names here, but we visited a phone repair store in Sea Point, Cape Town, which, while claimed to fix all devices, also tailored suits (go figure). While it is was an appealing prospect, I had just bought a suit for a recent wedding, so they couldn’t help me there. But back to the phone story!

Greeted somewhat reluctantly by a man behind the counter, we presented a broken iPhone 4 – pretty standard stuff for the guys at weFix. We were told it could get repaired but weren’t able to check it in with them because they were “very busy”. As the surprising response echoed throughout the empty store, we thought we’d ask a few questions. “No” when asked if there was any guarantee of the service. “No” when asked if there was any security measures put in place to protect the data on the phone. And a “not sure” when asked if insurance companies would recognise their business and service. We’ll take it as a ‘no’.

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We didn’t even get to test their service, and not to lack of trying. Given the informality and hesitancy of the transaction, it was probably a blessing in disguise.

You see, most unauthorised repairers have no security or culpability when it comes to data loss or theft, but weFix repair specialists do. Customers are given legal security over their data, and they are legally protected if there’s any breach with the device being repaired; whereas an unofficial third-party, there is none.

In addition, once the device is in the hands of weFix, they are fully accountable for the security and recovery of your data and personal information. Your device can also be checked in online and you can keep track of its progress through the repair stages.


So, if you’re in need of some smartphone repairs, get in touch with the trustworthy guys in town, WeFix. Check out the weFix online store and Tweet them @weFix to say hi!


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