The Light Phone 2: A Smartphone for the Social-Media Fatigued Minimalist

Less is more with Light’s latest device.

Minimalist living is busy making waves from fashion, to furniture, and now seemingly to smartphone technology as well.

A lot of folks feel like the modern lifestyle creates way too much frantic activity, and they want to minimise all the distractions vying for attention. Light, the project owner developing the Light Phone 2, echoes these sentiments and wants to offer people a simple, pared-down phone that eliminates the noisy connectedness that smart devices currently cause.

It’s a 4G device that uses e-ink, instead of an LCD or AMOLED screen like many modern smartphones of today, so it’ll be soft on the eyes, too. The Light Phone 2 is supposed to be more durable and practical than its predecessor, and offers simple calling and messaging features, alongside an alarm clock and a very simplistic design.

It features two buttons that allow settings to be scrolled through, offering the simple essentials that mobile phones were originally predicated on. The Light team emphasises the stress of modern-day life, and how being hyper-connected all the time comes with some benefits, but also increases our stress levels and causes some fairly significant downsides, too.

They’re not saying you should dump your smartphone in the river and never look back, but having an alternative for days where you don’t want every minute detail from social media on your mind isn’t a bad idea.

Their Indiegogo campaign is running until the 25th of March – and for just $250 (just under R3,000) you could go lighter with some pretty cool tech!

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