The Best Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den Products That You Can Buy

Shark Tank

Here’s how to get your paws on the best innovations & products from TV land!

Reality shows hosted by entrepreneurs looking for the next big product have been around for quite a while, and not surprisingly, they’ve identified and funded quite a few interesting products along the way. We decided to dig through the treasure trove of awesome inventions and products from the likes of Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den to find the best items that you yourself can get your hands on!

Tipsy Elves

Christmas might still be quite far away, but Tipsy Elves’ admittedly horrendous Christmas sweater craze is something to consider for this year’s celebration. Usually these outrageous creations are stuffed away in cupboards and forgotten about immediately, but in typical fashion, anything and everything can become cool eventually. If you need to pick up a Christmas jersey of eye-watering horror, or other festival and holiday related clothing, they’re your go-to.

Check out Tipsy Elves here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).


Buying cool products that do some good for society are the best kinds, and often attract investment because of the positive buzz they generate. The Bombas founders run an online-only athletic sock store that donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter in the States for every pair of socks they sell. So if you’re a runner, footballer, or rugby player and you’re looking to spread the love, check out Bombas and their huge variety of men’s, women’s, and kid’s socks. They’ve hit over 7 million pairs of socks donated and counting!

Check out Bombas socks here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).


This subscription service product is probably as relevant as it’s ever been considering how prevalent taking photos has become in our daily lives. One drawback of everyone being a photophile, though, is that your phone’s memory will eventually get completely clogged. GrooveBook has a solution for that – they let you choose your favourite pictures every month and compile them into a physical photobook that they send you. This way you can keep track of all your memories by having physical copies, and you don’t need to worry about trying to digitally save and keep track of all your pics.

Check out GrooveBook here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

The Wand Company

Are you a Harry Potter fan that needs a little more magic to brighten up your life? Well The Wand Company’s Kymera wand could be what you’re looking for. It’s a programmable universal remote that uses gesture-control to learn up to 13 different commands from conventional remotes for TVs, Blu-Ray players, or MP3 player docks. If it has become a bit too blasé to use a remote or a phone to change the channel, look into the Kymera wand to set you apart from the average muggle. There’s even a Sonic Screwdriver for those Dr. Who fanatics.

Check out The Wand Company here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA).

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