Should You Be Using The Razer Kraken Chroma Headphones?

Razer’s latest lit-up headphone offering catches the eye, but does it deliver on the sonic front?

MenStuff recently got its hands on Razer’s snazzy new Chroma range, and included in it is the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma headphones; but do these make a big enough boom to warrant some interest?


Whether you’re an audiophile or not, you need some good quality sound for gaming, and the Kraken’s 7.1 surround definitely does the job. You get the full 360 degree immersion with the sound quality you do receive is fantastic, which delivers clear treble and bass,   without it becoming one convoluted sonic mess.


You’ll notice about headphones is that they’re large, which is a good thing. The ear cups are massive and completely accommodate one’s ears, providing a comfortable fit, and the expandable band allows even those with bigger-than-normal heads to enjoy them.

Razer Kraken ChromaMic’d up

The headset also features a built-in mic, which can retract into the phones and be out of sight. When in use, my friend’s could hear my clearly over a game of Battlefield 4, which is a plus given all the chaos unfolding in games these days.


The actual build-quality of the headphones is great and you won’t find yourself breaking them or tearing the cable by accident (the Kraken featueres a nylon-coated cable). They are robust enough to handle a bit of a wear and tear, and the sturdy plastic quality should prevent any cracks forming.

Razer Kraken Chroma (4)Price

Headphones are the new sunglasses, everybody and their dog wants the latest and brightest pair. and as a result prices are high in the market and quality is suspicious at best. Razer have been in the game for a while and you definitely get what you pay for. At around R1,150, you get every bell and whistle you’d expect for a PC-specific headset.

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