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Sensoria Smart Socks Could Be the Next Big Running Gadget

Tech’s next big step!

Sport in general has been a massive beneficiary of all kinds of R&D that has helped pioneer new technology in multiple disciplines, and running is no different. While there is technology that helps track your runs and give you advice on how to maximise your training time, the Sensoria Running Socks approach it from a bit of a different angle.

The socks have multiple pressure sensors running throughout them that can track useful data, and the company even advertises that it can give the user feedback to monitor your form, speed, and stamina. The form aspect is intriguing, because the pressure sensors will be able to tell you where your feet make contact and whether or not your strides might be placing more impact on one side rather than another. Spotting imbalances be made possible, as well as getting clues about why you might not be running as efficiently as you could be.

All the data is sent to a smartphone app for the user to go through at their convenience, and the app also features a virtual running coach that will help runners hit whichever milestone they’ve set for themselves. Have a look at the video below to get a better feeling for how they work!

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