Polaroid Cube Unveiled – Is This The Best HD Action Cam Ever?

Polaroid Cube

Polaroid unveils the Cube – the company’s new action cam to take on the market rivals.

Polaroid is diving head-first into the action-cam world, and the company, known for its instant photographs, may have just produced something quite extraordinary.

The company unveiled the Cube – which is a small HD in the vein of a GoPro or Sony’s action cams.

The Cube is features 1080p video and 6MP photo capabilities, along with a 124-degree wide angle lens.

The cam comes standard with a high-power magnet in the base, so you can stick it to any metal surface, and it’s water-resistant- just about all the bells and whistles you’d need.

Check out more on the Polaroid Cube, and actually appreciate how small it is:

Polaroid Cube 1

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