New Slim Xbox One Coming?

Xbox One slim

Will we be seeing a more compact version of the Xbox One in 2016? A new report suggests so.

It’s almost expected these days that console manufacturers drop a slimmer, sleeker, and more efficient version of their home machines 2-3 years into the current life-cycle, so it’s no surprise that rumours of an Xbox One slim are emerging.

If true, the new console is said to cost less than the current MSRP of the Xbox One, which is around R5,500.

To lose its weight and keep the price down, the new Xbox One will only allow for digital downloads and will not have a disc drive.

According to a source, “the company is considering plans for a lightweight Xbox One that may only be for Windows store games and would compete with the Apple TV. But it’s not clear if these plans have been scrapped.”

So, take the news with a pinch of salt, but 2016 would be the ideal time for Microsoft to do a hardware revamp, as Xbox One has just received a strong library of backwards compatibility games, as well as the Cortana voice assistant system set to launch this year too.

*Header image is a concept mock-up.

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