New SA Share-Trading App Could Be an Industry Game-Changer

ZAR X app

Is the Zar X trading app the next big thing?

With the integration of trading with mobile apps, what was once reserved primarily for people involved in the financial services industry has seen the public participate more and more.

With that said, one of the biggest barriers to entry for someone looking to trade in securities or stocks is the level of knowledge and understanding necessary. Not only does it take sufficient investment savvy, but sometimes the platform can be downright confusing as well.

Aspirant investors will be happy to hear that there’s a new app on the block, the ZAR X app, and it’s aiming to bring securities trading to even more people in South Africa.

The app will let any prospective retail investor trade in ZAR X listed securities from a smart device. Additionally, it provides an extra amount of value by giving company information, ZAPS charts, and real-time trade data with full market depth. Ordinarily this kind of information would come at a cost, but the ZAR X App provides it as an added bonus.

The most significant benefit it provides, though, is its intuitive and accessible interface. For many newcomers the trading and securities space is full of jargon and has a very real knowledge barrier, but the ZAR X app aims to bridge the gap for new arrivers through its easy-to-use interface.

You can register as either a Watcher or a Trader, so for those ready to get going or those who just want to familiarise themselves with the environment – this is the ideal way to go. So if you’ve been thinking of getting into trading but found it a little daunting to grasp, try the ZAR X platform to get into it!

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