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New SA App Brings Local Party-Goers Together

New social media app Trender will help you stay ahead this party season.

Trying to find out where and what is happening in town is always tough, but a new app could may have just solved that party-karate conundrum.

The newly developed Social Media app Trender will help you keep up to date with what parties are going on around you this Summer.

The app basically acts as a real-time FourSquare allowing you to see who is on the jol and where they are partying it up.

This nifty app not only allows you to see which of your friends are squeaking some takkie, and where, but also gives a guy-to-girl ratio so that you can avoid your Summer turning into sausage-fest after sausage-fest.

The app is the brainchild of co-founders Calvin Terblanche, 27, and Deane Hitge, 26, who came up with the idea one evening when they paid a cover charge to get into a nightclub only to find there was no one inside and party was happening elsewhere.

The South African-developed app was originally launched on Android but has just been released on Apple’s iOS.

Check out more on Trender here.


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