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New AR app Allows You to Try On Virtual Adidas, Nike Sneakers


Sneaker try-ons go virtual with Wannaby Wanna Kicks App.

Let’s be real – the experience of online shopping is, for the most part, substantially better than what one tends to expect in brick-and-mortar stores. Feel like buying a new pair of running shoes at 2AM on a Sunday while you’re polishing a pack of Oreos? That’s what the internet is really for.

To be fair, though, buying sneakers online can be a bit of a coin flip, because you generally only have images to work with, and how your prospective sneaker purchase will suit you and your real-world style can be hit or miss. Luckily, going in blind with those purchases might be a thing of the past soon.

Start-up company Wannaby Wanna Kicks has launched an AR (augmented reality) app that’ll let you use your phone to effectively ‘try on’ shoes and see exactly how they look on you.

There’s a list of models from the notable brands in the footwear world to try and select from; all you need to do is then point your phone at your feet, and voila – the kicks will be displayed on your feet in real-time. You can even walk around as the app will detect your steps to get a clearer picture. You can even save photos to a gallery so you can sleep on your decision to buy those crazy neon Jordans you always wanted!

Wanna Kicks is currently only available on iOS – you can download it here.

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