New App Gives You Augmented Reality Beer Reviews On The Fly

The days of having a hard time deciding on what to drink are done, as a new app, Next Glass, provides the answer by recommending certain beverages that you’d enjoy by scanning them.

Next Glass works like this: When you first download the app, you are asked to rate a few beers or wines that you like. Then, if you’re at a bar, restaurant or bottle store, scan a bottle’s label. You’ll instantly get a score out of 100. The higher the score, the more likely you’ll enjoy that wine.

The app analyses the label, as by doing so analyses the contents produces the score based on your preferences

It’s all done with augmented reality, meaning you’re not taking a picture of the bottle. All the calculations are being done on the fly, and the rating and calorie breakdown hover next to the bottle’s image in the app as your hand moves it around.

If your friends use Next Glass, you can use the app to help you choose a bottle of wine that everyone likes, with the app displaying your friends’ rating alongside your own.

Next Glass has over 23,000 bottles of beer and wine in its inventory, and each one has been tested with a mass spectrometer so that it’s chemical makeup can go into the Next Glass recommendation system.

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