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Nerf Rival Minigun Gets an Insane Upgrade by Modder

Foam & chaos combined.

The Nerf brand is globally well-known for producing kids toys that allow quite a few adults to get back in touch with their younger selves. Most of us have traded backyards and pools for offices and cubicles – but that’s no reason not to dabble in a little foam firepower every now and then.

The Nerf Rival Minigun already has a starting capacity of 100 rounds and a firing speed of over 100km/h (this is made for kids… right?), but a modder of Nerf guns on YouTube that goes by the name of “Captain Xavier” has taken it upon himself to turn the volume on those stats up a little bit, as you can see below:

His modded version can spew out a foam-storm at 20 rounds per second at the original speed of 100km/h – which means you’ll run out of foam darts pretty quickly. Fortunately, he thought of that too, so he included a mesh backpack that can carry 2,000 rounds in total and allows for an uninterrupted two minute barrage of darts.

Sadly, he doesn’t have any plans to either make any on commission basis or to reveal how he made his own, so anyone with plans of terrorizing co-workers or younger siblings is going to have to do it with the regular Nerf Rival Minigun!

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