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JBL Reflect headphones

PriceCheck kicks the new year off with a bang!

To most people, January may feel like it’s around three months long, given the expenditure and festivities that took place during December. However, January doesn’t need to be a month to be feared, but rather celebrated. And that’s why PriceCheck has rounded up all the best New Year sales, with certain products up to 80% off.

Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone, some household items, or a new game, there are a host of retailers offering some killer deals, and PriceCheck is the place to see them all in one convenient spot.

We’ve listed some of the standout deals below:

Milex Antarctic Air Cooler – R399

The South African summer has been no joke, so getting a little more air in your household is never a bad thing. This stylish air cooler from Milex is a great addition to bring an added cool-factor to your living space or bedroom. Check out the offer here.

Ultra flexible kitchen faucet – R399

Updating the water taps is not something you’d usually consider, but trust us, having a flexible faucet in your kitchen sink is a game-changer. The bendable design allows it to be twisted and aimed where you need it, making dishes and washing-up a whole lot easier. Check out the offer here.

JBL Reflect Fit Wireless In-Ear Headphones – R1,512

JBL’s wireless in-ear Reflect headphones are the perfect purchase for someone looking to hit the road running this year. Not only do you get JBL’s trademark sound quality, but you’ll also be able to pull up instant heart rate read-outs without touching your phone or device, and you’ll never miss a call thanks to call vibration alerts. Check out the offer here.

There’s a whole wealth of awesome items available on PriceCheck’s sale page, so head over and check out the best deals available this January!

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