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LG’s New G7 ThinQ Hits SA!

LG G7 ThinQ 1

LG’s impressive flagship touches down in the Republic!

LG has been doing a good job of offering consumers alternatives to the smartphone duopoly created by Samsung and Apple, in particular with their flagship G series. The next iteration of that flagship, the G7 ThinQ, is doing its best to keep pace with the competition’s flagships by matching their features – with the biggest new buzzword being AI incorporated into smartphone interfaces.

We’ll break down some of the key specs of the G7 ThinQ that buyers will want to consider before making a decision:

  • Aluminium frame (Gorilla Glass 5 front and rear)
  • 1-inch RGBW IPS LCD display, 563ppi in 19.5 aspect ratio.
  • 16MP wide-angle camera, fixed focus, 2160p 30/fps recording.
  • Android 8.1 Oreo, LG UX
  • Most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset
  • 128GB storage, 6GB RAM


Overall, it seems quite impressive in terms of specs, the screen size is impressive at 6.1 inches, the display uses RGBW subpixels resulting in impressively bright picture quality, and with the latest Snapdragon chipset, the performance should be quite impressive.

According to LG, they’ve enjoyed 27% year on year growth in South Africa during 2017, and expect similar growth in 2018 – so their flagships and other models are clearly being adopted enthusiastically. The hardware offered in the G7 ThinQ’s sleek body makes it a viable competitor to the likes of Samsung and Apple, so anyone who wishes to take the path less traveled will get a very capable phone.

The AI features are somewhat novel but may end up providing noticeable performance benefits; the first use being the AI CAM that has 19 shooting modes that will allow intelligence-optimised shots. ‘Google Lens’ is also onboard, giving users an AI-bolstered and improved way to use Google’s search engine.

The G7 ThinQ is available in SA on a prepaid price of R13,999 and is expected to be on contracts starting in the R650 bracket, relatively understandable considering its status as a flagship competitor.

Can LG make a further dent in the Galaxy and iPhone userbase with the G7? The specs certainly suggest it’s possible!

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