iPhone 8 Design Leak Hints at Some Big Changes


Some hot new speculation about the next iPhone emerges!

The rumour mill is in full swing regarding what Apple has planned for the iPhone 8 (or whether it’ll even be called the ‘iPhone 8’), and a new design schematic which found its way onto the interwebz has created some serious buzz as to what the next device will feature.

According to the leaked schematic, the rumours of a back-mounted Touch ID button have now been given some serious weight. In the centre-back of the phone, the drawing shows a space for a fingerprint sensor, or possibly a wireless charging spot. But the likelihood that its a rear Touch ID is far more plausible given the shape and size of the gap.

iPhone 8 tweet

Furthermore, the design of the panel shows another larger space for the iPhone’s rumoured vertical dual lens camera, which is evidence of Apple’s intention to bolster the shooter on its flagship device in the ever-intensifying smartphone camera war.

So, concept artists are speculating that it could look something like this…

iphone 8 concept 2

But of course, it’s all guesswork at the moment. In addition to the above, the other rumours say the iPhone 8 will feature no Home button, wireless charging, eye and face-scanning tech, and a whole lot more, which we’ve rounded up in our iPhone 8 rumours feature.

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