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Hisense 4K ULED TVs Unveiled, Here’s What They Cost in SA!

Hisense Ultra HD

South African pricing for Hisense’s new 4K TVs unveiled!

Hisense has unveiled and launched its new range of 4K Ultra HD TVs which will be available to the South African market.

While Hisense has always prioritised an affordable price-point for its TV products, technology has been the driving factor for the company’s expanding range of TVs; and the new ULED 2.0 technology enhances colour, contrast, resolution and motion with a combination of advanced hardware and software.

It is not solely colour that is enhanced with ULED technology, blacks are darker and whites are purer with the aid of Ultra Dimming technology, which separates visuals into different areas of the panel (up to 240 independent zones depending on the Hisense model). Added to this is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) that improves the amount of detail in darker scenes, elevating Hisense ULED TVs beyond competitors’ offerings in terms of brightness, according to the company.

In addition to the company’s flagship 45 and 50-inch units, new products in the 55-inches category (and topping out at 70-inches) in both curved and flat iterations have been added.

Recommended retail prices for the ULED TVs are:

  • 55-inch 55T910: R19,999
  • 55-inch 55K760: R19,999
  • 55-inch 55M7000: R14,999
  • 65-inch 65M7000: R24,999
  • 70-inch 70M7000: R34,999

All new ULED offerings from Hisense will be available from major local retailers nationwide as of September 2016.


55-inch 55M7000: R14,999


55-inch 55T910: R19,999


55-inch 55K760: R19,999

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