GTA V With First-Person Virtual Reality Device Is Insane [Video]

Grand Theft Auto 5 with virtual reality gives the closest experience to actually living and criming-up in Los Santos.

Virtual reality is set to become the next big thing in gaming, and the Virtuix Omni is one of the most interesting devices hitting the market.

The Omni is an ambitious fully-integrated VR interface which puts players on a movement pad, which translates actual physical movements into the game world.

The project was launched through a Kickstarter campaign, which within one day accumulated over $400,000, smashing its $150,000 goal.

The Omni is also compatible with the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra or other game controllers. That means that any game currently in development for the Oculus Rift will be ready to play with the Omni.

So, of course, with GTA V being as popular as it is, the team at Virtuix put the open-world crime-drama to the test to see what it’s like to actually run around Los Santos, and the result is pretty incredible.

Check out the video below:

These rigs aren’t cheap. It’d cost you over $1000 for a Virtuix Omni, before you even try to import it through customs.

Also,  the company says that it does not condone the violence in this video.

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