Fixing a Tyre Puncture Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Nail Tyre

We review the Pocket Tyre Plugger by StopnGo.

I was one of those kids that was always delegated the task of fixing mom or dad’s car tyre puncture whenever a pesky nail was spotted in the tread. The go-to for such a job were those sticky brown strings to plug a tyre puncture, but we all know how frustrating those can be – basically like threading a pool noodle through a pinhole.

Most of the time you will just pop down to the nearest service station and ask one of the attendants to do the job for you. However, on my recent puncture – and to my dismay – the first 3 service stations I visited did not have the stringy spaghetti-like plugs. Only on the fourth time I managed to hunt one down.

That alone is a lesson to keep a puncture kit in anyone’s car – who would have thought after all those years of repairing my family’s vehicles, I now couldn’t even help myself. And thankfully, after centuries (who’s counting, right?) of spaghetti plugs, there is a new kid on the block: the Pocket Tyre Plugger by StopnGo.

Designed to allow anyone to repair a puncture, easily and quickly, this nifty little gadget works by inserting a unique mushroom shaped plug into the tyre puncture wound with minimal effort indeed.

A very clever concept that literally enables anyone to efficiently and safely repair a puncture in any tubeless tyre, the manufacturer says the repair is not only easier to do, but more secure than the traditional string type.

The kits are available in various forms, and each one comes with a full instruction leaflet, spare mushroom plugs that should last you a lifetime and all the necessary accessories.

The Pocket Tyre Plugger is designed to be compact and lightweight for motor-bikers and the Standard Plugger kit is designed for motorists where it can be stored under your seat or in your boot.

Both kits are available locally from various retailers and online at Puncture Repair.

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