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Fitbit Versa is a Newer, More Affordable Option for Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitbit Versa offers a good alternative to the Ionic.

Up until recently, watches were really only used to tell the time (or just to look cool), but with the advent of smartwatches and fitness tracking, that’s completely changed. One of the biggest names in the smartwatch market is Fitbit – and they’re releasing their new Versa model globally.

The Versa is billed as a more affordable alternative to their highly popular Ionic model – sharing many of its features, albeit packaged in a very different design. The Versa also runs the latest version of FitBit’s OS, which is version 2.0, so it allows for smartphone notifications, the “FitBit Today” feature, as well as storing music on the device.

Fitbit Versa

The only feature the Versa compromises on is the inclusion of an onboard GPS system, so tracking data regarding positioning for runs will be approximate and not as accurate as a device with onboard GPS. The Versa can piggyback off your phone’s GPS if you have it with you, though, so an alternative option to get the same utility is available.

It’s already available at Makro, Incredible Connection, Dion Wired, Dis-chem, Totalsports, Due South, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cape Union Mart and Takealot for R3,199, so if you need to get your fitness game to the next level head over to any of those stores and take a look!

If you’re in the market for a Fitbit Versa, check out PriceCheck for the best deals on Fitbit’s new smartwatch!

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