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Do Smartphones Actually Pose a Threat to Men’s Health?

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What do the experts have to say?

We’ve all heard sketchy urban myths about certain activities or things having the ability to cause health hazards, and the idea that mobile phones can have an increase in the development of cancer is a relatively persistent idea. Considering that we speak with phones held close to our head,s a chief concern is regarding brain tumours, but due to many people carrying them in their pockets too, a major question mark has been drawn over the danger that there could possibly be for men in particular. Testicular cancer has been on the rise in younger men specifically, so we’re going to take a look at what the data and research say about whether or not you need to find a different place to keep your phone other than your pants pockets.

So, the first thing to get our heads around is what about the nature of a cell phone could potentially cause any harm. Cell phones use radio frequency waves to transmit information when using conventional cell towers to make a call. It’s these RF waves that are singled out as potential dangers. The short answer is no. After a myriad of research, both the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) have compiled an impressive amount of research, all of which suggests that the non-ionising radiation given off by RF waves is of far too low an intensity to damage DNA cells sufficiently to cause cancer.

Many thought that due to RF waves having some similarities to the radiation given off by microwaves that it could pose a cancer risk, but the RF waves from cell phones are so minuscule in comparison, that current research strongly suggests they don’t possess the necessary levels of energy to cause the development of cancer cells.

So all’s well and we can stick our phones back in our pockets now, right? Perhaps, yes, but maybe not. While testicular cancer isn’t a likely outcome of keeping a phone in your pocket, there is some evidence that claims that cell phones in proximity of the family jewels can potentially negatively affect male fertility, but the research isn’t conclusive just yet.

So while we don’t need to worry about cell phones when it comes to testicular cancer, it’s still a good idea to go for regular check ups or do self-examinations. When it comes to your health you’re better off shelving your pride and keeping in touch with the professionals so that they can make sure that any warning signs are caught early.

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