Is The Cougar 200K Gaming Keyboard For You?

MenStuff got some time with Cougar’s new snazzy keyboard. Find out what we thought of it here…

The gaming keyboard market in SA is rather wallet-hurting affair, with some brilliant options out there, but ones which may damage your bank account.

That said, there’s a new competitor on the scene, as the feisty-named COUGAR is set to deliver some gaming quality at affordable prices, but are they any good?

MenStuff recently got hands-on with the COUGAR 200K Scissor gaming keyboard, and we were pretty impressed with what we experienced.

Firstly, the German-designed peripheral comes in with an RRP price-tag of R430.00, which is pretty generous given the features that you get; so let’s have a look at the best things about the keyboard:
Cougar 200k keyboard 1The first thing you’ll note about the 200K is that its small and compact, in the best of ways, as its easy to carry, set up and it takes up minimal desk space on a cramped working area.The build quality is robust and it has a sense durability to it, and of course, the keys feel and react brilliantly. They scissor-switch mechanism gives the keyboard that mechanical-like “click”, while still being quiet enough to use in a quiet environment.

Its anti-ghosting technology, implemented in the 19 keys that are most vital for gaming, ensures perfect accuracy when gaming, and the implemented extra functions (media controls, brightness adjustment and more) are implemented in a non-intrusive way.

This means the 200K is able to maintain the standard keyboard layout, altering it in only two keys, one for backlight control and another one to activate the secondary functions for keys. So you’ll get that familiar feel, without all the snazzy nuts and bolts that some other gaming keyboards have getting in your way.

Cougar 200k keyboard
In what is another extra specially designed for gamers, the 200K allows to switch the functionality of the WASD keys and the direction keys, which is especially useful for left handed users or for those who for any other reason might want to adjust in this way the keyboard layout.

On the downside, it may not give the extensive layout options that a seriously high-end PC enthusiasts wants, but it’s not for that – the 200K is for the gamer venturing into the gaming keyboard world and looking for something affordable and compact, but still delivers that edge to your performance in games or at work.



  1. James

    January 29, 2015 at 20:47

    Are gaming keyboards any good for other stuff? What sets them apart from normal keyboards?

    • B-Rad

      January 30, 2015 at 10:10

      The responsiveness and ability to customise keys. They also have anti-ghosting which basically lets you press multiple keys at once. Its more just to get “more” out of your typing/gaming experience

      • James

        January 30, 2015 at 12:05

        Oh cool, so it’s more for gaming than anything else.

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