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Borrow Someone’s Wheels for the Day with Uber Rent

Uber Rent

Take a spin in someone else’s car with Uber’s new vehicle-rental service.

Uber is busy expanding their services, having already launched Uber Bike as well as an updated driver app in the month of May – but the biggest news is probably Uber Rent.

They’ve partnered up with another car-sharing start-up named Getaround to connect users with cars that are close by through the app. The difference this time, though, is that you don’t get in a car with a driver – you actually rent a car for a short period of time.

Whether you need a low-consumption commuter for a short business trip, or a 4×4 to get through a scenic route for a vacation, a variety of cars will be available with varied prices depending on the rental variables like time and type of vehicle.

The service seems to be launching in the US initially, but is likely to be made available elsewhere as time passes as well. With the success of the traditional Uber app and other platforms like AirBnB, it’s unlikely resource-sharing applications are going anywhere soon – in fact, we’re probably just going to see more and more of them pop up.

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