A Perfect Fit: Find Your Exact Shoe Size with Nike’s New App


The Nike Fit app uses AR to fit shoes with 2mm accuracy.

There’s no doubt that online shopping is the best thing in the history of ever. But let’s be honest, shopping for shoes online can be a nightmare. Even if you’ve worn the same shoe size since exiting the womb, finding the perfect fit when ordering online can be near impossible. The problem? No two shoes have the exact same fit, even within the same shoe brand! You may be a size 4 in a Nike sneaker but need to spring for a roomier size 5 in a Nike running shoe. Luckily, Nike has just unveiled the new Nike Fit app to help customers solve one of their biggest pains: not knowing if the shoes they’ve bought online will be the perfect fit.

According to Nike, 60% of people wear the wrong size shoe, and for their brand alone, 27% of shoes bought online are returned for that reason. A poor shoe fit can be a big problem, especially when it comes to fitness footwear, and may lead to someone looking elsewhere for their next pair of running shoes. Which is why Nike is so hell-bent on helping customers find the right fit for them, without having to visit a store to try on a shoe.

The Nike Fit app enables customers to scan their feet at home using their smartphone camera before ordering their desired shoe online and instantly gives them all the info they need to find the perfect shoe fit. But, this isn’t just another gimmick, the app does so much more than just measure your feet and spit out a universal size. It uses AR to take your measurements and then compares them to each shoe in its current catalogue before letting you know your perfect fit size for each style of shoe. Accurate to within 2 millimetres, the app examines each foot, not just length and width, which helps Nike suggest the best fit in every model.

Of course, there’s also the issue that no two people prefer the same fit, luckily the app takes that into account as well. Along with personal preferences, the outside material, lacing and intended use will all factor into how a shoe should fit. Customers can specify fit preference within the app as well, giving them even greater control over finding the perfect fit in any Nike shoe.

Nike Fit will roll out for iOS and Android in the U.S in July, then to Europe later in the summer. sadly there is no word as to when the app will be available for South African consumers but there’s no reason you can’t use the U.S version of the app for now and convert to local sizes. 

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