5 Epic Gadgets That Are Keeping Us Busy this Month

We take a look at the best gadgets that have our attention this month!

From glowing peripherals to snazzy snappers, there are a few things that have locked our attention this month; and we’ve rounded them up to showcase the very-best gadgets you need to check out.

PDP Afterglow AG 9+

Price: R1,352

A gripe I have with many headphones is that they tend to squish your ears if the cups aren’t large enough, and finally, I’ve found some headphones that allow you to wear them for prolonged period without having that flattened-ear syndrome. The PDP Afterglow AG 9+ are a great set of cans for gamers who play for extended periods of time that don’t want anything too clunky or overbearing. They include a Bluetooth dongle which slots straight into your PS4’s USB port, and then you have audio gaming goodness for up to 12 metres. The audio quality out of them is great too, and there’s a strong sense of surround-sound thanks to the size of the cups, along with an attachable mic for voice chat, which is extremely clear. They also feature LED lighting on the outer shells to indicate battery life and whether they’re connect or not, which is a small but appreciated feature to have.


Epson DS-30

Price: R1,720

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need a scanner. There are a few document scanning apps available, but it’s also extremely dependent on light and the quality of the print on the original document. For anything else, the Epson DS-30 is the answer. It’s a light, compact, and full-colour scanner that syncs with your PC via USB. It’s not the fastest scanner on the planet, but it’s size and ease-of-use make it a great product for those on the road but still need to do a little business; or for those who need to send a contract or document urgently and you’re out of the office.

Epson DS-30

Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse

Price: R1,070

While some may think an expensive gaming mouse is not necessarily for them, they may want to feel out how comfortable gaming peripherals can actually be. Razer has been making high-quality mouses for quite some time now, and the company has just about perfected the comfortability element of their designs. The Razer Deathadder Elite is aimed primarily at eSports and high-end gamers, however, it does have the features and responsiveness to appease anyone from a designer to a casual gamer. Of course, the Deathadder Elite features Razer’s trademark lighting and is ergonomically designed for a comfortable resting position in mind. And don’t worry, there is a left-handed version as well for those ambidextrous and left-handed individuals (like myself).

Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse

Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard

Price: R1,699

One could be forgiven for thinking that the Ornata Chroma is just another colourful keyboard from Razer, but it is in fact among the first to feature new mecha-membrane hybrid switches. Being along the lines of a love-child between a mechanical and membrane keyboard, the Ornata Chroma features the signature mechanical switches to provide that satisfying ‘click’ and responsiveness, yet feature a rubbery coating, unlike plastic mechanical boards, making it a bit more soft to the touch. We’re not totally sure who the keyboard is targeting, but if you like the action of a mechanical keyboard but can’t bear to move away from the comfort of a soft membrane option, it’s a great product to check out.

Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard

Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

Price: R5,600 for 32GB model

For those who aren’t willing to shell out for Sony’s flagships smartphones, the Xperia XA1 Ultra brings a more cost effective option, but without sacrificing the charm with Sony’s designs and features. What you really want from an Xperia is a superior camera, strong audio, slick design, and a sharp display, and the Xperia XA1 Ultra definitely delivers that. The XA1 Ultra walks on the tightrope between a phablet and larger smartphone with its 6-inch 1080p display, but still manages to fit into a pocket, which is a testament to Sony’s minimalist design. Running on the Helio P20 chipset, the phone doesn’t have the raw processing power of the flagships, but it is enough to bring out the best of the 23MP camera on the rear of the device. And camera quality what Sony fans really love about their Xperias.

Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

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