5 Coolest Car Gadgets Every Driver Needs

Smartphone car mount Spigen

Gear-up your car before hitting the road!

For the most part, driving can be great. But, as tech and gadget enthusiasts, we know there’s always room for some improvement. The following gadgets can help ensure you have the smoothest, most convinent, and enjoyable ride while on the road.


Dashcams are not just luxuries, they’re necessities. Not only do they provide footage of your trip (which you can use for a vlog or video), but they also protect you against fraud, help the insurance process in case of an accident, and act as a safety element for your vehicle. This CMOS Camera Vehicle Video Recorder with 170-degree wide angle, motion detection, loop record, delay shutdown is a great option at only R373.


Smartphone car mount

A smartphone mount can make navigation a lot less stressful. Instead of constantly looking down at your phone for directions (which is insane, by the way), you can use a mount to keep your Google Maps within your line of vision. There are a variety of products on offer, but there is also a handy guide on how to build your own.


Jump starter kit

If you’ve ever had to endure the hell that is dealing with a flat car battery, you’ll know how important this device is. A jump starter kit is basically a battery source that allows you to start your car when it dies by simply hooking the clamps on the kit to the car’s battery; and it can also be used as a backup power source. After all, you never know if there’ll be no one to help you when the time strikes.

Jump starter

Aftermarket Bluetooth receiver

Bluetooth capabilities do come in a lot of cars these days, but to be fair, we’re not all Rockafellas who can afford such cars. In this case, there are some great accessories on the market to give you vehicle some much needed Bluetooth love.


Catch Caddy

The blackhole that is the space between your seat and handbrake console is a void of no return. Money, wallets, phones and just about anything you own will inevitably find its way down there. That’s why the is the Catch Caddy a pretty nifty invention, allowing you to save yourself crawling on your hands and knees to find things, as well as giving you some extra storage space.

Catch Caddy

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