3 Worst Kickstarter Projects Doomed to Fail

Failure to launch.

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have revolutionised the way in which inventors and innovators pitch, fund, and produce their products and ideas, but while some are pure gold, others are doomed from the start. We take a look at five of the worst Kickstarter ideas:


If you like being whacked in the face while giving yourself a nauseating vertigo headache, the Sospendo is just for you! The Sospendo could be described as the unfortunate baby between a selfie stick and a smartphone holder, and the device is not only a ridiculous idea, but it’s also looks incredibly cheap. It’s essentially a flexible tube with a phone clamp on the end, and literally connects you to your smartphone – like we need any more reason to do that these days.

As bad as the idea is, the Sospendo managed to achieve full funding of over $40,000.

Paul – the Sexiest Smartphone Charger on the Planet

At first glance, you’d immediately think that Paul, the “sexiest smartphone charger on the planet”, is a joke. It’s a bust of a human body, with a docking station in the crotch area, after all. And when watching the pitch video, you’d think that the creator is totally in on the joke… unfortunately, he’s not.

Artist Justin Crowe believes that his Paul charger is a high-brow commentary on mobile technology and sexuality in society. It might be. But at $400 a pop, it’s also a massive rip-off.


From the name, you can guess that this is going to be something for animals. And yes, it makes no sense.

Essentially designed as a sleek and stylish MP3 player for your dog, the PetPhone is supposed to fit snuggly on your dogs head to provide them with the terrible dubstep and horrendous pop hits of today. Because why should us humans be the only ones suffering, right?

With just one look at the headset, you’ll already start wondering how (even with the bendable design) it will fit on the essentially limitless variations of dog-head sizes and ear positions. But hey, it didn’t stop them from making it.

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