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We Ate KFC’s New Doritos Crunch Burger, This Is What We Thought

Dortios Crunch Burger

MenStuff put KFC’s new chip-packed burger to the test to see if it’s as tasty as it is crunchy.

Yesterday we reported on KFC’s brand-spanking new burger, the Doritos Crunch Burger, which is essentially a Crunch burger with some sweet-chili flavoured Dorito chips and sauce thrown into the mix. Well, MenStuff were challenged by KFC to try out the interesting new concoction, and one thing about MenStuff: we’ll never back out of a challenge.

So we popped down to the closest KFC and picked up a few of the self-proclaimed  “crunchiest Crunch burgers ever” for the team, and to our delight, we were intrigued, confused, but above all, impressed.

The new burger is a decent size, with KFC’s signature crunchy chicken fillet patty, which was delicious as usual, but obviously what you want to know about is how the Doritos work with everything else.

The chips are placed right at the peak of the toppings, balancing on a slice of cheese and drizzled in spicy cheese sauce. You might expect the chips to explode and fall everywhere upon the first bite, but they aren’t going anywhere thanks to the sauce, which tastes dramatically like the sweet chili chips themselves. Perhaps a secret ingredient? More on that conspiracy for another time.

As for the taste, let’s just say, the burger is pretty hot. I’m not one who handles hot food all too well, but I can do some spicy bits here and there, but the combo of sweet-chili chips on chili cheese sauce (chiliception?) did make for a fairly sultry experience, which is a good thing, as KFC is known to bring the heat when it’s needed.

And does it live up to the claims of catastrophic crunchiness? Well, kind of. The chips do add a serious edge of crackleness and are actually an awesome addition. Anyone who has ever had a chip-roll in their formative years will know the gustatory and auditory satisfaction of biting into a chip-laden bun, and the nostalgia in that is enough to pick one up.

Cheers, KFC. Thanks for the challenge.

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